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The 1st Lab-Tested 
Hard Water Filter in India

For Shower and Tap

Dermatologist Recommended.

Proven to remove hardness, chlorine, sediments and
other irritants from water.

Better water = Better Skin & Hair

Real People. Real Results.

Get Clean,
Hydrated and Shinier
Hair & Skin with the #1 Filter

CareDale Shower & Tap Filter offers protection against hard water and chlorine, addressing the primary causes of hair fall, dry skin, and other dermatological conditions. 


Pooja Desai, Mrs. India 2020, shares her honest review about CareDale Filter in this video. She has loved the effects of our product on her skin and hair!

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Water Coming in Showers & Taps is Harming Your Skin

Water is the most ignored and underrated factor, yet a primary cause for hairfall, dandruff, acne and dry skin. 


90% of India receives hard water. 

Hardness causes hairfall, dandruff, acne, dryness & irritation.


65% of India has chlorine beyond the permissible limits. Chlorine is a drying agent and dehydrates the skin.

Heavy Metals

30% of India have untreated sewage and industrial waste thrown into the rivers. Leads to skin allergies, severe redness. 

Reasons Why You'll Love CareDale


Increases Hydration:

Decrease in hardness & chlorine = supple, hydrated skin & hair.


Prevents Chemical Buildup on Scalp: 

Hard water residue leaves chemical buildup, leading to unclean scalp.


Prevents Acne:

Decrease in pore clogging contaminants leading to clear, blemish-free skin.

Hard Water Treatment (1)_edited.jpg

Increases Efficacy of Shampoo & Soap: Creates more lather, resulting in clean scalp.

Hard Water Treatment (3).jpg

Reduces Hairfall:

Prevents hair thinning caused due to hard water 

Hard Water Treatment.jpg

Helps Skin Conditions like Psoriasis, Rosacea: Resulting in a decrease of dryness, redness and irritation.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-25 at 15.36.06 (3) (1).jpeg

Easy to Install & Good Water Flow Rate: 

Fits in all showers, multiple tap adapters and an instruction manual is provided. 


Specially designed for Indian Water:

CareDale is formulated and lab-tested to remove water contaminants of India. 

How Are We Different?

without CareDale

Dry flaky scalp & skin

Hard water can harm hair & skin

Chemical buildup

Excessive use of soap & shampoo

Hair loss & acne

with CareDale

Lab tested

Doctor recommended

Hardness removal

Specific for Indian water

Clean, balanced scalp

Other filters

Not lab tested

Not expert recommendation

No hardness removal

Generic filter composition

No effect on scalp

Thoughtfully Formulated,
Science Backed

Our filters are the only product in the market that completely eliminates hardness ,i.e. Ca and Mg from your water!

filter profile (18)_edited.jpg

How to install a CareDale Filter?

CareDale filters fit in all the showers.

We provide adapters for tap installation. If none of the provided adapters fit your tap, please contact us and we'll provide extra adapters free of cost. Sometimes an extra adapter is needed to install on an uncommon tap.

We will do everything we can to help resolve your issues.