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Better Water = Better Skin & Hair

Simplicity is our core philosophy at CareDale.

We encourage you to go back to your basics, i.e, water, because using a lot of products would rather harm your skin and hair more.

With hard water, it's a daily battle against elements we can't even see!

More Than 90% Of India Receive Extremely Hard Water

India ranks 120 amongst 122 countries on the Water Quality Index, with nearly 70% of water being contaminated. Groundwater reaches showers and taps which contain contaminants such as calcium and magnesium (hardness), chlorine, iron, arsenic, to name a few. 

Common Misconception - Water supplied by corporations/housing societies undergoes comprehensive treatment, including hardness removal. In reality, only basic
water purification is done, neglecting specific issues like water hardness, which impact skin/hair and home appliances longevity. 

Hardness exceeds 300 ppm in many regions, reaching up to 600 ppm as well.

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How To Know If Your Water is Hard?





If you notice a white, filmy residue on bathroom fixtures, shower doors, or glassware, it could be a sign of hard water reacting with soap.

You end up using more shampoo to achieve the same level of cleanliness. This can be wasteful and may lead to overuse of shampoo

Despite using so many skincare and hair care products, there’s no significant improvement on your skin and hair.

All the previous reasons add up to an un-clean scalp with chemical buildup which crystallizes your hair follicle making it fall off. Dryness and irritation leads to acne and hairfall.

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Hard Water Affects Your Hair
Both Directly & Indirectly


Hard water minerals like calcium & magnesium penetrate the hair & crystallize as it dries, this causes crispy feeling hair prone to breakage.

Hard water hampers the lathering and cleaning capabilities of your shampoo and soap, leading to chemical buildup which eventually causes hairfall. You end up using excessive shampoo to achieve the same level of cleanliness and also expose your skin to increased chemical residues.

CareDale vs Other Filters

What makes us different?


All the shower/tap filters in the market have anti-scalants as their hardness filtration method.

Anti-scalants DON’T reduce hardness, they inhibit limescale formation on taps, showerheads and pipes.


So, it helps in cleaning our taps, unfortunately not our scalp .

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Specially designed for India's water contaminants

CareTec, Our Hardness
Removal Technology

Our filters are the only product in the market that completely eliminates hardness ,i.e. Ca and Mg from your water!


CareTec, our proprietary filter composition absorbs all the hard water chemicals and makes it unreactive to your shampoo surfactant. This will make your shampoos work effectively resulting in clean lustrous hair.


Lab-Tested Results

Only filter lab-tested to remove hardness from water

Good Flow Rate

Our 3 - stage filter technology ensures good water pressure after water flows through the filter.


Our filters have been recommended by dermatologists for helping with skin/hair issues caused by hard water.

Indian Water Specific

Our filter technology is specially designed for the 

Indian water contaminant composition.

Other Filters

No Proven Results

Many other filters in the market are not tested for hardness as they use anti-scalants.

Poor Flow Rate

Other filters have 5-10 stages of filtration layers which cause reduced water flow rate.

No Expert Recommendation

Others filters have not been specifically recommended for helping with skin/hair issues caused by hard water.

Generic Filter Composition

Other filters have a general filter composition, with most of their layers focusing on chlorine removal when hardness is the major problem of Indian water.

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Why Should You Use CareDale - Filtered Water?

  • Prevents dryness and acne

  • Reduces hairfall and hair-thinning

  • Improves efficiency of soap and shampoo

  • Improves skin moisture and radiance

Experience the CareDale Difference

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