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The water filter proven to help improve your skin & hair.


Lab Tested & Doctor Recommended
✅Easy to Install
✅Good Flow Rate
✅Reduces hairfall and acne
✅Prevents Chemical Buildup on Scalp

✅Increases efficacy of shampoo & soap

✅Helps with Skin Conditions like Psoriasis, Rosacea, etc.

Customers Say That CareDale Helps With Hair Fall, Acne, Dry Skin & Other Skin Conditions 


CareTec Cartridge: Lasts for 3-6 month depending on water quality. Easily replaceable cartridge. No plumber required.

Switch to a Sustainable Choice: Saves ~ 70% of water wastage.


Chemical-Free: Adds no chemicals to water. Safe for all skin/hair types.


Filtering Your Skin/Hair care Water Has So Much Benefits! Here's a detailed guide on how to use your CareDale Filter.

CareDale Hard Water Filter for Tap and Shower

SKU: 001
₹3,695.00 Regular Price
₹1,600.00Sale Price
  • Our secret lies in our proprietary Filter Technology, CareTec, specifically designed to eliminate hard water chemicals, chlorine and sediments.

    This effectively outperforms competitors who mostly use anti-scalants. Anti-scalants do not reduce hardness; only prevent limescale deposition on pipes and showers.

  • We provide

    • CareDale Filter with a Cartridge inside

    • Instruction Manual

    • Teflon Tape

    • CareDale fits in ALL showers

    • Adaptors for Tap Installation


    If none of the provided adaptors fit, please reach out at we will help troubleshoot and send you a free external adaptor free of charge.

Real People. Real Results.

If you have any doubts, contact us below and we are happy to help!
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